Hales Global Group, Larry Hales CEO/President, Hales Global Network

With so many conflicts around the world, the needs of the US Government Department of Defense continue to grow.

The Department of Defense needs continues to grow says Hales Global, offering numerous opportunities for contractors to provide solutions and services. What contracts are the biggest? How can people position themselves to win more DOD contracts?

Thursday Secretary Kendall had a sit-down session with some of the Washington premier movers and shakers, which included Larry Hales, the founder and CEO of Hales Global Group. Kendall announced that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told Congress that the effort to train and equip rebels “is just getting off” the ground. Building a reliable ground force of “moderate” rebels in Syria is a key part of the Obama administration’s strategy to counter the Islamic State in the region.

The moderate rebels the U.S. wants to recruit have been pushed further to the sidelines in a war that has killed more than 200,000 people. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) poses a clear threat to the USA, National Interests, the people of Iraq and Syria. Ultimately, if unchecked, a growing threat to the region and U.S. homeland, according to Hales Global.

The U.S. goal is to build a strong local force so American ground troops won’t be needed. The Department of Defense needs to train and equip the forces to conduct counter-offensive operations. The DoD contingency operation budget for FY 2015 is more than $16 billion dollars. These funds will be used to train and purchase items such as weapons, trucks, trailers, tools, body amour, medical equipment, gloves, radios, uniforms, boots, and other items. More than 100,000 troops will need to be kitted out. In addition to buying material goods, the DOD is looking to expand its Cyber Security program and awarding contracts for threat analysis surveying.

Frank Kendall is responsible for all matters pertaining to the acquisition; research and engineering; developmental testing; contract administration; logistics and material readiness. He is also responsible for installations and environment; operational energy; chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons; the acquisition workforce; and the defense industrial base.

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Hales Global Group, Larry Hales CEO/President, Hales Global Network